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Comedian JB Masanduku Narrates How He Blew Sh1M In 11 Days And Came Back Home With Sh12 Only


Comedian JB Masanduku has opened up on how he wasted his first ever Sh. 1 million earnings. Masanduku made this revelation when he appeared on the Churchill Show’s Journey Edition.

“The day I got my first million, without financial literacy, I almost ran mad. I had to withdraw Sh. 1,000 to confirm it was true,” he told Churchill. After confirming that indeed he had the money, JB drove to the airport in shorts and sandals, no hand luggage, no specific plan but just his wallet and passport in hand. “At the airport, I told them that I would like to go to Uganda, then to Rwanda, then I will come back from Burundi. I had no luggage. I just told them I would buy them duty free,” he said.

He arrived in Uganda and took a taxi. “I told the driver to take me to the most expensive club in Kampala,” he said. he ten bought a phone worth Sh. 120,000 which he gifted the taxi driver. At the clubs he visited, JB was treated like a king. And so he opened his wallet, buying drinks for everyone. He then proceeded to Rwanda, nearly half million shillings gone, where he proceeded to spend some more. By the 11th day, JB only had his passport and Sh. 12 in his pocket. He took a motorbike from his hotel to the airport and paid the rider with some of the collections he had bought.

His wife and family were shocked when he landed in Nairobi empty handed. Masanduku said that although they knew he had taken the trip, they never imagined that he had squandered the money. To survive the shame, Masanduku became the friend of the the brown bottle. he drank away his problems, became an addict, and at one point, he lost his radio job at the BBC. This was followed closely with the breakdown of his marriage to radio presenter Tina Kagia.

Masanduku, whose real name is Nathan Muya Kimani is the son of the late famed comedian Samuel Kimani whose real name was Masanduku Arap Simit.

JB Masanduku became the latest of a string of comedians who have acknowledged that they wasted a huge chunk on their earnings. Previously, comedians such as Njoro have opened up on how they wasted up to Sh. 4 million.

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