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Miguna: Why they Think I will support Raila Odinga


Miguna Miguna has cleared the air on the rumours that the Canadian exiled barrister and solicitor general will probably support his former boss and ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

Sharing ethnicity or DNA is not a leadership quality or value worth supporting. What Africa needs and deserves are visionary men and women of integrity who are committed to transformative change and rule of law

Miguna: Why they Think I will support Raila Odinga
President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM PL Raila Odinga

According to Miguna Miguna, Conman RailaOdinga LIES more than a Kenyan Slay Queen. Here are a few recent ones: Nobody knows God more than Raila. I’m the best architect and designer. I designed the Nairobi Expressway. I conceived of the SGR. #BBIFraud is meant to unite Kenyans.

While calling for all young Kenyans to join the revolution now, the Kenyan-born Canadian citizen has lashed out at Raila Odinga and his partner

“Conman RailaOdinga and Despot Uhuru Kenyatta are BILLIONAIRES from looted public resources. They should build MANUFACTURING PLANTS and JOBS for making WHEELBARROWS and NEEDLES before they give EMPTY PROMISES about taking the youth to the moon. They shout about building fake silicone valleys for the youth when even the HANDKERCHIEFS they use are imported from China, and they haven’t even created a JUA KALI CENTRE capable of employing 10,000 youth in 30 years,” Miguna shared on his Twitter account. 
When conman Raila Odinga was Prime Minister of Kenya and despot Uhuru Kenyatta was his deputy, they introduced KAZI KWA VIJANA, PESA KWA WAZEE. About 15,000 hungry youth were given PANGAS to cut grass along roads and highways. KES25 BILLION was then STASHED ABROAD.
When I opposed their looting spree and championed the rights of millions of Kenyans, they changed my office locks in my absence and choreographed a chorus against me. Conman RailaOdinga and despot Uhuru Kenyatta are THE ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE.
What has prevented the despotic drunkard Uhuru Kenyatta from building manufacturing plants, car assembly plants, hospitals, recycling plants, light rail and huge irrigation schemes and agricultural farms to make Kenya a middle-income economy? Conmen!
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