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Former TV anchor plans to re-enter wash wash business


It is not that she is new to wash wash business as she has in the past used her fame to launder money for the Ogaden Cartel from Garissa County through her saloon Business.

She fell out with them for some time and was reportedly sleeping hungry as she couldn’t afford money to buy LPG gas for her house.

But now, after months of suffering, Betty Kyallo is now planning to open a business that is often used by the Somali Cartel to launder money.

Speaking to a local low-rated D&RTV, she said, “I have a building in town and I will be opening a hotel in town. Very soon.”

Many Kenyans don’t know but Eastleigh Businesses and the many restaurants in town dont pay taxes to the Kenya Revenue Authority.

“Everything we’re doing will be under the Flair brand, I thank God for what we’ve been able to do,” said the divorcee who added that the most expensive thing she has ever worn was Gucci shoes worth Sh69,000.

The restaurants also import contraband goods through the porous Garissa -Kismayu border and this explains why their food portion is more and cheap.

Recently, blogger Edgar Obare revealed how many young Kenyans with no known source of income and whose life appeared very comfortable, were making money.

The fake gold seller and money laundering business is thriving in Kenya.

Wash wash has made a lot of billionaires who hide their monies in hotels, wines and spirits, beauty parlour and even airlines.

In Kenya, wash wash is the underworld and the overworld as gold scammers control even the police service.

They are untouchable.


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