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DCI after Wash Wash suspects recorded on a viral Video


Detectives are searching for four ‘wash wash’ individuals who are said to be part of a wider organization involved in the unlawful manufacture of counterfeit money.

Three of the suspects were recorded in video recordings circulating on social media giving one of their collaborators a dog’s thrashing after he went partying and displayed a lot of notes accompanied by a bevy of beauties, disclosing their nefarious transactions.

The accomplice who appeared intoxicated in a drinking spree, flaunted the money as he promised the seemingly excited women, an adventurous and fun-filled trip to the coast.

Their plans however went up in smoke and ended in premium tears for the man, when his accomplices learnt about his escapades. They stormed his house and descended on him mercilessly accusing him of disloyalty, betrayal and not ‘working smart.’

Kindly watch the video clips including the three following this post and assist us in identifying the suspects through our #FichuakwaDCI anonymous hotline

Kenyans reactions on Wash Wash


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