Home News Senior police officer goes nuts inside station

Senior police officer goes nuts inside station


A senior police officer based in Masalani Police Station in Garissa has developed a mental disorder while on duty.

Justin Nyaga is said to have developed the condition weeks after resuming work from his annual leave which ended on June 21.

According to police report seen by K24 Digital, Nyaga’s mental condition deteriorated with time and was visible from his sudden change in his behaviour, attitude and emotions.

“This was evident by an abrupt change on his dressing style, incoherent speech, lack of sleep, display of kind of violent behaviour and general ways of personal conduct,” part of the report reads.

He has since been rushed to Garissa General Hospital for medical attention and has been administered two jabs to stabilize his condition awaiting referral to Chiromo hospital in Nairobi for further treatment.

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