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Mudavadi allies call for Nasa walkout


Politicians allied to ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi have called for a Nasa walk out, saying the alliance had outlived its purpose.

Speaking at Jesus Teaching Ministry in Nairobi where they had accompanied Mudavadi for a church service on Sunday, the MPs said the alliance was rendered useless when Raila unilaterally decided to join the government through the handshake.

MPs Titus Titus Khamala (Lurambi) and Tindi Mwale (Butere) and senators Petronila Were (nominated), Johnson Sakaja (Nairobi) and Cleophas Malala (Kakamega) cautioned Mudavadi against looking back in his presidential ambition.

They said the opposition coalition will not serve the interest of the ANC party leader.

Others who shared the sentiments were Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi and former Speaker Kenneth Marende.

“We urge Mudavadi to find new partnership and forge a working relationship with parties and individuals who care about the economy,” Senator Sakaja said as he maintained he is still a Jubilee Party member.

Malala said Nasa died when Raila shook hands with President Uhuru Kenyatta without involving his fellow principals.

“We had a marriage in the name of Nasa but along the way, our husband [Raila] got himself another wife without telling us and left us on the roadside. We now don’t want this marriage,” the Kakamega senator said.

Khamala said the only option left for Mudavadi as he works his way to State House is to exit Nasa and direct his energies to reviving the economy.

“Kenya needs a humble and God-fearing leader. There is no politician who owns Kenyans and it is the time we vote out all corrupt individuals and those who have been leading our economy in a downward route for the last five years. Musalia is the leader we need and Nsaa is not the vehicle we need as a party,” he said.

Mwale said ANC will not be making any turnaround to rejoin Nasa.

“Let Nasa die and we shall present Mudavadi to the people and together we will fix the economy,” Mwale said. 

Endorsing Mudavadi for Presidency, Marende said bad governance is the root cause of all problems in the country .

“Once we fix the economy, we are good to go. I have worked with all these people who want to be President. One is a chief thief and corrupt, another is a liar and can’t be trusted, others don’t know what they want,” he said adding, “Mudavadi is the prodigal son who will save our household from all these mess we are in.”

Mudavadi did not talk about Nasa politics, instead asking the IEBC to ensure elections are held as stipulated in the Constitution.

He called on the electoral agency to ensure all preparations towards the elections, which are some 13 months away, are put in place so that Kenyans are given their constitutional right to elect leaders of their choice.

“I am reaching out to you to give me your vote to be your next President so that we can together fix our economy that is bleeding. Choose a leader who minds about our economy and having been a minister for Finance, I truly know how to fix it.

“The IEBC should put everything in place  to give Kenyans an opportunity to have the country brought back to economic growth,” Mudavadi said. 

He called on IEBC to adhere to the law and remain firm in their mandate and deliver a credible election that will ensure the country remains peaceful, even after the elections.

“My agenda is economy. And to make the economy work, we need peace during and after the elections. This can be achieved if the electoral agency remains firm in its operations and following the law,” he said. .

“As your President, I will ensure taxes on basic commodities are lowered and give the citizens a life of hope. People must have money in their pockets and not taxing them to their death,” he said.

He added that he will put in place strategies to revive the economy without burdening Kenyans with taxes.

“My only job for Kenyans as your President is to revive the economy and ensure peace prevails,” he said.

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