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IEBC commissioner candidate put on spot over Mudavadi party link


Lawyer Harriette Chiggai was on Monday taken to task on how she would delink her work for ANC party from the IEBC commissioner job should she make the final cut.

Facing the selection panel recruiting IEBC commissioners, Chiggai said that as a commissioner it is important to be nonpartisan.

“I am an independent person and my current affiliation to the ANC party will not interfere with my work when given the opportunity. The  job at hand is a job of duty. The moment you are given the duty you delink yourself,” she said.

“When the time comes, I am not partisan but there to do my work. Some of these spaces I have had are the reason why some of us are here. Not because of the party we support.”

Chiggai said she wanted her conduct to be checked not because she serves a party but because she has served well.

“…and my track record sells itself. There is a lot of written and signed by all the institutions I have worked in and I would wish Kenyans to test me by ensuring that I capture this seat,” she said revealing she is chair Internal Dispute Resolution at ANC party.

“I didn’t see where there was conflict by virtue that I’m coming for this interview not unless it’s an issue that will impact on my job because given this opportunity it’s something I will relinquish.”

She further noted that security during elections is a big risk that needs to be looked into.

“IEBC can work with stakeholders like the NIS, the police, the ministry to ensure that the security of employees and the people are taken care of,” she said.

“Security when it comes to women.. how prepared are they ? This is one area that we need regulations, engagement with the state actors to ensure that security of staff is guaranteed.”

On challenges as a leader, Chiggai said she has not had any integrity issue in places where she has worked.

“I  have not had any issue unless they come.. I come highly recommended from the institutions I have worked in,” she said.

She noted that good leaders need to be trained and coached properly before taking up positions.

“There is a lot of hate speech.. at times it is good to coach and bring out a leadership that coaches the younger generation.. what can commissioner can do to ensure to curb this. This starts with the political parties,” she said.

“Campaign financing, most women and youth have money problems.. this need training of the electorates..when you feel your vote you sell your birthright. All leaders should embrace. When we encourage voter bribery we encourage poverty.”

Chiggai is a former Vice President of the Law Society of Kenya.

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