Home News Cry as Murang’a farmer loses over 6000 chicken in fire incident

Cry as Murang’a farmer loses over 6000 chicken in fire incident


One farmer from Gatuya in Kiharu Murang’a has been left counting losses after losing over 6000 chicken in a fire incident.

Four dairy cows, calves and goats also died in the late-night

Alice Njeri who has been managing her son’s project said a
huge fire broke out behind the cow shed where they store hay.

She suspects someone deliberately lit the fire which spread
very fast razing down everything.

She said the animals were in the same structure, with the
cows on the ground and chicken on top.

“We were not able to save even a single animal in the incident
because the fire was very fierce,” she said.

Michael Macharia says his mother alerted him of a fire
breakout and when rushed home to see if he could save the animals, everything
had gone up in smoke.

He said he had left the domestic animals under the watch of
his mother as he went out to hustle in a bid to make the ends meet.

With tears rolling, he added the project was few months old
and he had borrowed money from youth fund kitty and a financial institution to
establish it.

“I was hoping the project will do well and I would pay
back the money and it would also have been the source of livelihood for our
family” he said.

“I owe suppliers who have been giving me animal feeds
about Sh600, 000 but I don’t know where to get this money to pay them
back” he added.

Michael believes someone was behind the incident and wants
investigations done to reveal the culprits.

Residents appealed to well-wishers to come to Macharia’s aid
and help him raise funds to re-establish this project and pay his creditors.

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