Home News Posho mill owners to soon maize test for aflatoxin

Posho mill owners to soon maize test for aflatoxin


Posho mill owners will soon be required to do mandatory aflatoxin test on maize before milling.

Kello Harsama, the Agriculture and Food Authority director general, said this will ensure Kenyans are eating maize that is free from aflatoxin.

He said while the government has been keen to ensure that largescale and small-scale millers test maize for aflatoxin, little has been done with posho mill owners.

“We are concerned because many Kenyans consume maize flour milled in posho mills, yet no testing is done to certify that the maize is safe and free from aflatoxin,” he told the Star on Wednesday.  

Last year, millers raised the alarm over the high levels of aflatoxin contamination in maize being sold in the market.

Ken Nyaga, chairman of United Grains Millers Association, said on Wednesday that most of the maize on sale is highly affected by aflatoxin.

“It is okay to ensure the posho mill owners test their maize but the root of the problem is with our soils, which are highly contaminated with aflatoxin,” he said.

“To help fight aflatoxin, the government should work with farmers and support them in accessing aflasafe control product at subsidised prices to fight aflatoxin at the farm level.” 

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