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MP switches from green to yellow suits, ‘campaign attire’ mocked


It is that season of politics where all manner of ideas will be explored as individuals seek to identify themselves with the political movement of their choice. A lawmaker appears to be ahead of the game of his colleagues with his sudden change of fashion.The man from the Rift Valley known for donning green suits, has now changed to more yellows. Recently, his colleague from the region called him out for wearing “campaign attire” to the House (Parliament pictures) . Her pleas to the Speaker of the sitting to take note of the change of suits’ colour were Ignored.


A lawmaker from Western appears to be having trouble wearing a facemask. His massive goatee appears to be causing him trouble when speaking, as the beard keeps pushing his mask to the face. The other day the man had to be reminded that masks are for covering the mouth and nose but his mask kept sliding back to cover the face. His colleagues were overheard joking at his predicament saying his was the real idea of a face mask. The cool lawmaker took it all in strides and delivered his remarks, albeit spending time to put the mask back in place.


Back to Western, it appears a once-vocal lawmaker cannot tell the difference between a bridge and a culvert, at least according to his constituents. The lot want the man called out for bragging that he has constructed a bridge connecting two major towns in the constituency in Bungoma county. But what is on the ground is a culvert that is already stuffed with debris from storm waters. Some locals were overheard saying that it could be the MP’s ‘limited knowledge’ of some matters that made him refer to the eyesore as a bridge.

(Edited by V. Graham)

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