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Outraged by audit, Magoha cracks the whip


Panic has gripped senior officials of the Ministry of Education after revelations CS George Magoha (pictured) is planning to crack the whip. Insiders have intimated  all is not well at the ministry and some officers reportedly are counting their days there. The CS is furious with recent audit reports showing unscrupulous officials have continued to reap from poor students by inflating data to pocket millions of shillings. Corridors also understands that EACC sleuths have taken over the probe with the blessings of the CS. A top officer told his colleagues at the weekend he’s considering calling it a day before Magoha’s axe falls on him.


A tycoon operating in a county in Mt Kenya region is ready to spend a fortune to ensure that the current governor is not re-elected. The man, who operates multi-billion shilling businesses in the country and beyond, is unhappy after the county boss reportedly reneged on promise to award him tenders. The tycoon bankrolled the governor’s campaigns and had hoped for business with the county in return. But this has not happened and the man’s handlers now intimate their boss has vowed to spend his last coin to ensure the governor is defeated in 2022.


A county assembly clerk has been forced to apologise to a governor after he made damning submission that the county boss had threatened him. The clerk had testified before a parliamentary committee alleging the county chief threatened his life. But days later, the man has approached the governor and pleaded for forgiveness, claiming he was under pressure from MCAs to testify. The governor and the MCAs have not been seeing eye to eye. The clerk is said to have feared the governor, who operates a gang-like team, could have unleashed his boys on him. The governor reportedly accepted the apology but warned the officer of dire consequences if he repeats his “mistake”.


A member of a Parliamentary oversight committee early this week shocked his colleagues after he took on a witness, a senior government official, for using Kiswahili in responding to audit queries. The official had been summoned by the panel to respond to damning queries flagged by Auditor General Nancy Gathungu. He opted to respond in Kiswahili. But a member, who apparently did not understand the response, shot up, accusing the officer of using the language to “confuse” the members and evade accountability. The official defended himself saying Kiswahili is a national language. The committee chairman advised the member to keep quiet if he did not understand, as the witness was at liberty to use either English or Kiswahili.

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