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I’d rather stay home than be a president who cannot punish corruption, Raila Odinga – Hivipunde


ODM leader Raila Odinga says he would rather stay home and be a private citizen than be a Head of State who cannot punish corrupt government officials. On Thursday, while speaking to Radio Citizen, the former PM said if there are members of the public and leaders scared of him talking tough about holding public officials accountable and want him to stop talking about graft, he would rather not run for the top seat in 2022.

”There’s no reason for me to be President when we say that the corrupt shouldn’t be punished. People who misuse public funds should be in jail. I’d rather not be President than allow that to happen. It moved from Toa Kitu Kidogo, to Toa Kitu Kikubwa to Toa Kila Kitu,” Mr. Odinga said.

Last week, the ODM leader rubbed DP William Ruto and his allies the wrong way when he told Mvita residents all corrupt officials currently in government will be locked up when he takes over from President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022. Although Mr. Odinga did not mention any names in his speech, the remarks were perceived as directed to the DP, who was rattled by the former PM’s statement.

On Thursday morning, Mr. Odinga sustained the attacks on the DP, telling him Kenyans knew how much he earns and the amount of money he dishes out every weekend was a product of looting, something he is against.

”How do you explain someone going around and giving Ksh 10m, 5m, 3m, 1m, cars, and buses while his salary is not that much. Even Safaricom can’t give money this way. Anyone who refuses this corruption is now branded anti-development. What is this?” he quipped.

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