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Hospitals raise alarm as Covid patients increase


Hospitals have raised the alarm over a steady rise in the number of Covid-19 patients in the past few days.

The rise is attributed to the already widely circulating Delta variant that has seen the number of patients with Covid-19 symptoms rise from single digits one month ago.

This confirms the latest modelling by researchers from KEMRI-Wellcome Trust last week that Kenya is likely to experience another deadly fourth wave of the virus from mid-July.

“In the last 48 hours the numbers in the emergency admission rooms are going up rapidly. That is as for now but we have to wait over the next week or two to see whether this is going to be a trend,” Dr Robin Magere said.

Dr Mogere is a consultant urologist at The Nairobi Hospital and chairman of the Metropolitan Hospital Board.

The study by KEMRI-Wellcome Trust projected an additional 4,300 hospitalisations and 580 deaths from the Delta variant.

The experts also projected that the start of a fourth wave is imminent in the coastal region and Nairobi county, and is already causing a surge in cases in Nyanza and Western counties.

“The modelling of the Delta variant in the country has been done severally particularly after it was recorded in Western Kenya.  The numbers are up. In Nairobi most of the admissions in most of the hospitals about a month ago had gone down to very minimum single digit numbers but right across most of them the number are now up,” Mogere said.

“The modelling and the statistics confirm that the Delta variant is spreading rapidly in the community and we expect the numbers to rise. If the measures that have been applied so far in controlling the spread are not maintained, the numbers will go up because that is the nature of the virus”.

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