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Family appeals for held as their form one girl goes missing


A family in Thika, Kiambu County is in agony after
their kin, a form-one student went missing two months ago.

Cecilia Wangari, 15, was last seen at her aunt’s residential house at Kisii estate on May 1, 2021, where she had gone for a few days tour.

Wangari who is a student at Dandora Secondary school in Nairobi is reported to have been wearing a grey striped skirt and a pink sweater with painted lines and which had an extension of an afro baby weave.

According to her aunt Elizabeth Waitherero, who was staying with her at the time of disappearance, Wangari woke up late on the fateful day but prepared lunch for everyone, washed the house, utensils before she requested to go and study.

Waitherero said that the young girl seemed uneasy and
disturbed after serving them food but maintained that she was okay.

“After serving me and my child, I asked her why she had not served her’s but she insisted that she would eat later as she had woken up late. It only became clear to me that something was amiss when she restlessly went out and returned to the house on several occasions,” said the aunt.

After Waitherero gave her permission to go study on
their residential’s rooftop, she said that that was the last time to see her as
she has never come back nor called to state her whereabouts.

Speaking at her house, Waitherero said that they have
searched for her everywhere including calling every family member but nothing
has come forth since.

They said that efforts by police to trace her whereabouts have been unproductive as her phone has been off since.

Her mother Susan Wanjiru says they have never quarrelled with her ambitious daughter but she has been living a reserved and simple life.

She said that Wangari who was aspiring to become a
doctor when she becomes of age has never shown signs of misbehaving as they
have been living in peace all along.

Wanjiru said that the family has been living a
helpless and confused life since the mysterious disappearance of her eldest

“We have been living a disturbed and restless life.
Since her disappearance, it has been hard to cope with life. Wangari wherever
you could be, please come home and worry not about anything that might have
happened. We miss you so much,” Wanjiru said yesterday.

She said that if the girl had developed fatigue in her
studies will not be compelled back but asked her to call back home to assure
them of her safety.

The distraught family members urged Kenyans who could
be in the know of her whereabouts to connect her back to her family or report
to the nearby police station for recovery.

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