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Two men behind ‘Ntakufinya’ viral video land ambassadorial job


Two men behind the viral “Nitakufinya” video clip that has gone viral on social media have reasons to smile after a flour milling company offered them an ambassadorial job for its product.

In an interview with Jalango TV on Monday, the two, Asiiba Matendechere and Charles Musyoka were reunited for a conversation for the first time on their confrontation which has become the talking point of many social media users, about10 years later.

Their host Felix Odiwour, alias Jalng’o, on his part pledged to buy the two one motorbike each so that they can boost their income.

It is then that Jalang’o, who is the ambassador of the flour milling firm, revealed that the company had chosen them for the purposes of marketing their products.

Asiiba also requested those who have printed t-shirts over the incident to share with them the proceeds of their sales.

“Wale wame print T-shirts na pia Kampuni ambazo
zinatumia picha yangu, atleast wakuwe wanatutumia kitu (Those who have printed
t-shirts, plus companies that are using our images, should be considerate and give
us a share of their earnings),” said Matendechere.

The two, who appeared to have differed in the viral video clip, agreed to work together going forward and also revealed that they are now friends.

In the viral video shot by K24 TV in 2011, Asiiba Matendechere, who is currently running a salon-cum barbershop, is seen warning Charles Musyoka, currently water vendor, who was being interviewed by the news channel over electricity crisis in Nairobi’s Mukuru Kwa Njenga slum.

“Asiongee mambo ya stima, aongee mambo ingine. Mambo ya stima wachia watu wa stima waongee. Ongea unataka serikali akupee kazi (Stop talking about electricity matters. Let the people involved speak about it. Ask the government to give you a job),” Asiiba is heard telling Musyoka before he (Musyoka) retorted saying ‘mimi niko na kazi‘(I have a job).

Asiba then walked away saying ‘nitakufinya’ (I will squeeze you) to which Musyoka responded ‘finya!’ (squeeze!).

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