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List of phone apps Google wants you to delete


Google on Monday, July 5, issued a list of applications that it wants users to delete from their phones saying that they were being used to steal personal data from Facebook.

The list of applications that have been downloaded by over 5.8 million people are said to have trojan malware which is usually installed after users log into their personal accounts.

Google stated that the attackers could have in a way changed the settings and commanded them to load the webpage of another service that appears to be genuine.

“They could have used a completely fake login form located on a phishing site. Thus, the trojans could have been used to steal logins and passwords from any service,” Google said.

Google said that the applications have already been eliminated from its play store but those who have them on their phone should delete them.

The applications include; App Lock screen, PiP Photo, Inwell Fitness, App Lock Manager, Horoscope Pi, Horoscope Daily, Rubbish Cleaner and Processing Photo.

This sounds like a warning to mobile users who use Android as they are required to ensure that they ensure they download genuine applications.

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