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Lawyer of Nyachae’s daughter sues over ‘refusal’ to refund Sh970,000


A city lawyer has sued the daughter of the late Simeon Nyachae over a Sh1 million debt that he paid for her outstanding medical bills at Nairobi Hospital.

In court papers, the lawyer said Mary Nyachae called him on April 12, 2021, telling him that she had been detained over a Sh1.1 million medical bill at the Nairobi Hospital.

The advocate claims that due to their advocate-client relationship and to save Nyachae from imminent embarrassment, he agreed to pay the bill on condition that she will refund the money.

According to court papers, Nyachae said she had been discharged very late in the day and she would pay back the following day once the banks opened for business.

The lawyer alleges that even though it was past 5pm, he made calls and managed to get Sh970,000 that was paid to the hospital and he personally drove her back to her house after she was discharged.

He further claims that he rallied friends and his associates to send him the money knowing that the following day she would refund because she was a woman of means.

However, she has refused to pick his calls or respond to his messages even after writing to her to pay back his money.

He has attached the medical bill receipt issued by the Nairobi Hospital in the court papers as evidence.

He wants the court to order Nyachae to pay him back his money that she has allegedly refused to do since April.

“An order directing the defendant to pay the plaintiff herein Sh970,000, being the money the applicant utilised to secure her discharge from Nairobi Hospital,” read court documents.

The case will be mentioned on July 15 for further directions.

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