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Shinyalu man, 52, caught exhuming body of his daughter, 14, over breach of burial traditions


A 52-year-old man has left residents of a village in
Shinyalu Constituency, in Kakamega County, in shock after he was found attempting
to exhume the body of his deceased daughter in broad daylight.

According to a report by NTV, the man identified as Aggrey Siema, who hails from Kamwega Village, is said to have left his home on the day of burial and delayed coming back.

After a prolonged wait, religious leaders were compelled to
inter the remains of the girl in her father’s absence.

According to his brother Charles Musee, after he found his daughter had been laid to rest, Siema became violent and began chasing away his family members.

“On Wednesday they laid to rest the girl but my brother was absent, he had left in the morning. Around 2 Pm, on the same day, he came back and found the daughter had been buried. He chased away his daughter who went to college and also chased away his son together with his mother-in-law. When I tried to stop him, he confronted me and even threatened to cut me with a panga,” Musee said.

The brother says Siema protested the burial process saying it was not done according to his community traditions.

Sources say the man wanted to bury her daughter afresh in accordance with his wish.

Residents now want the government to intervene and have the issue solved.

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