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Senator Cheruiyot hits out at Raila over graft pledge


Raila had said that he will ensure that corrupt leaders in the Jubilee government are sentenced, and none will be spared.

In his tweet, Cheruiyot said fighting corruption is not any politician’s job, least of all a president.

He added that MCAs and MPs can at most do their oversight role but constitutionally, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission is the only body mandated to probe such cases.

“Constitutionally, it is the mandate of EACC. What presidential candidates should promise Kenyans is that they will not use EACC to fight political battles. That’s it,” Senator said.

On Saturday, Raila kept up his attacks on Deputy President William Ruto over his mega cash donations to churches and welfare groups.

Without mentioning the DP by name, Raila questioned the source of the donations, alleging the monies are proceeds of corruption that has taken root in the Jubilee administration.

“He wants to do harambees for women’s groups and youth groups with cash stuffed in sacks. He goes to church. Then they say he respects God. But he is coming with your money,” Raila said in Mombasa.

“You are being bought with stolen money,” the former prime minister said.

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