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Youngster backs international awards on environmental conversation


Eight-year-old Karen Kimani from Harvest View Academy in Embakasi has backed several environmental conservation awards despite her young age.

Notably, young Kimani with a recycled plastic dress won Little Miss World United competition in Spain and became number two in the Little Mr and Mrs United World where participants from 48 countries were involved.

“We noticed that Karen had a talent in environmental conservation back in 2017. She was four-years-old then. Her father took a photo of her and posted on Facebook. His friend noticed how she posed for the photo and told him to take her to modelling school,” Kimani’s mother, Ann Njeri, told K24 TV.

Karen has been a role model to her fellow pupils in her school and she is the current Minister of Environment having been elected overwhelmingly for the role.

“I saw the fishes were dying and then my brain told me don’t let the environment to be dirty. Plants will die, fishes will die and animals will die,” Kimani said.

She added: “When I was elected minister for environment, I was shocked. “

Kimani has participated in tree planting in Kisumu, Murang’a, State House Girls among other places.

“Trees are very important. Trees surround us. Trees give us food. Trees give us oxygen and fresh air,” she said.

The school head teacher Kennedy Opee said he noticed the pupil’s talent when she joined the school.

“Since she joined our school in baby class, she has been concerned about environmental factors, cleanliness of our school, collection of plastic materials and their recycling,” Opee said.

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