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Jubilee Party not in discussion with ODM over 2022, Joshua Kutuny – Hivipunde


Jubilee Party Deputy Secretary-General Joshua Kutuny has dismissed talks of ongoing negotiations between the ruling Jubilee Party and ODM over a possibility of the outfits joining hands in 2022 to produce a joint presidential candidate. Speaking on Saturday, the Cherangany MP hit out at the party’s Secretary-General Raphael Tuju and a group of party officials currently initiating the talks with the Raila-led party, saying the engagements were premature.

”We are not in discussions with ODM. Jubilee leaders and National Delegates Convention have not allowed such talks. It is premature for anybody to think we are talking,” the Cherangany MP said. 

Kutuny, a former political advisor for President Uhuru also said no team had been constituted by the ruling party to engage in coalition talks on how to capture next year, adding the ruling party will hold talks with parties that supported the handshake between the president and the former PM.

“No team that has been constituted. Someone picked their names without Jubilee’s approval. The President is clear on such matters. If we have to talk, we will engage with the National Super Alliance (Nasa),” he added.

Kutuny’s remarks have been backed by Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu who says revealing the talks were ongoing at a time the party was fighting to win the Kiambaa seat was bad timing and may affect Jubilee Party’sperformance in the mini-poll.

”There was no wisdom in how the information was publicised. Timing is critical. The Kiambaa by-election is very sensitive, especially coming after the Juja one. We must not give our rivals in Kiambaa ammunition by suggesting that Jubilee and ODM will merge,” he said.

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