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Where is my son? Mwenda Mbijiwe’s mother asks government to find missing security expert


The family of missing security analyst Mwenda Mbijiwe has appealed for help from the Kenyan government and international community in finding his son.

Speaking for the first time since her son, a former Airforce Commander went missing, Jane Gatwiri said she has reason to believe that Mbijiwe is alive.

The vocal Security Consultant went missing on June 12 while on his way to Meru. Detectives recovered the car Mbijiwe was driving at a coffee plantation in Kiambu.

Gatwiri who was flanked by family members argued that a lot of issues on the way the case was handled did not add up.

“We are disturbed since the same people carrying out the investigations are the same people who recovered the vehicle.

“The DCI officer was not even asked to record a statement yet police keep telling us that they are busy pursuing the matter,” Gatwiri told journalists at her home in Sirimon, Buuri West, Meru County.

Mbijiwe’s mother asked why the owner of the car her son had hired was allowed to have the vehicle back.

Gatwiri claimed that Edward Mwangi, the owner of the vehicle Mbijiwe had hired was an officer attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Nairobi which is investigating her sons disappearance.

She also revealed that the woman who briefed the press on Mbijiwe’s disappearance on the first time is not related to her son.

Tamara Mbijiwe had told the press that she was the sister to Mbijiwe’s.

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