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See magical bridge built by God in Kirinyaga that colonialist couldn’t restructure


River Nyamindi in Kirinyaga County traces it’s origin from the snow that melts at the top of Mt Kenya, descending down the mountain in full spurts.

The River, then flows from the highlands of the county cutting through the lowland side where its water is used in the cultivation of rice in Mwea Constituency.

It is said that the river, also referred to as The Train of Ngariama due to its nature of flowing with life regardless of the weather was formed when lava flowed down the once volcanic Mt Kenya.

However, it’s the eye catching God’s bridge which attracts the attention of a number of local tourists who desire to experience nature’s best art.

“Our grandfathers used to tell us that this bridge was created by God and has never shown signs of caving in regardless of the weight of many vehicles that cross through here,” Antony Murimi an area resident said.

Locally referred to as Ndaraca ya Ngai, the bridge is believed to be God’s own masterpiece that has been in existence for centuries.

Tones of soil sit on top of a pattern of stones that perfectly fit together like a solved puzzle, allowing water to pass through what seems like a cave.

The bridge is used by locals to cross River Nyamindi to either side of Mûrûri and Diffathas in Mûrindûko ward, Mwea East Sub County.

Ndaraca ya Ngai bridge is surrounded by legends and mysteries as narrated by residents.

One legend states that colonialists had once attempted to replace it with an artificial bridge.

“Europeans did not appreciate its architecture so they decided demolish it. They made several attempts but it was all in vain since the next day, they would find the bridge erected again,” he said.

He adds that construction materials they had planned to use in building an a artificial bridge, would always be swept away when the River Nyamindi flooded mysteriously.

It is said that the bridge was discovered by a shepherded.

“A shepherd who was herding livestock around here, saw two animals fighting and then they disappeared from his sight only to realize that they had fought through to the other side. That is how it was discovered by residents,” Cyrus Muthike said.

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