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Man behind ‘nitakufinya’ viral video speaks out, explains his anger, 10 years later


The man behind ‘nitakufinya‘ viral video has finally spoken.

Speaking exclusively to K24 Digital on Friday, the man whose official name is Aron Asiiba Matende has expressed his shock after the video went viral, 10 years later.

Natrend na sina kakitu bwana (I am trending yet I have nothing in my pocket man),” Asiiba told this writer.

In the viral video shot by K24 TV in 2011, Asiiba, who is currently a bodaboda rider, is seen warning a man, who was being interviewed by the news channel over electricity crisis in Nairobi’s Mukuru Kwa Njenga slum.

Asiongee mambo ya stima, aongee mambo ingine. Mambo ya stima wachia watu wa stima waongee. Ongea unataka serikali akupee kazi (Stop talking about electricity matters. Let the people involved speak about it. Ask the government to give you a job),” Asiiba is heard telling Musyoka before he (Musyoka) retorted saying ‘mimi niko na kazi‘ (I have a job).

Asiiba then walked away saying ‘nitakufinya’ (I will squeeze you) to which Musyoka responded ‘finya!’ (squeeze!).

Asiiba has since disclosed that the guy he was interrupting during that live TV interview is known as Charles Musyoka. He says he and Musyoka were good friends and are still good friends to date.

He says they still live in Mukuru kwa Njenga where the viral video was shot.

“I know him. He is my good friend, only that I was not happy about what he was telling the media that day,” he said.

He further disclosed that Musyoka was not electrocuted as he claimed in the video.

“Musyoka got injured while working in a certain company in Industrial Area. He was lying that he was electrocuted. That is why I intervened,” Asiiba revealed.

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