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Magarini woman suffering from kidney failure appeals for Sh2m


A woman in Magarini, Kilifi county is seeking Sh2 million to undergo medical treatment following kidney failure that has affected her health since October last year.

Elvina Mapenzi, 28, and a mother of one from Misufini area says she is unable to afford the cost of treatment.

She has been undergoing dialysis twice weekly for the last 10 months at a cost of Sh200,000 but her condition seems to be deteriorating by the day.

Speaking in Malindi, Mapenzi said she used to run a kiosk but was forced to close down due to financial challenges.

She said the doctors recommended that she changes the prescription of the medicine which costs Sh200,000 but says she can also not afford. 

The permanent solution she said is to go to Kenyata National hospital in Nairobi to undergo treatment which cost Sh2 million.

“I was admitted at the Malindi hospital on October 26 last year for one week then doctors recommended that I begin undergoing dialysis,” she said.

Mapenzi who has become weak is living in pain as the stomach gets full after a week which requires dialysis.

Her uncle Saidia Mzuri Thoya said they have been fundraising to get money for dialysis after the family was unable to raise the money.

At one time he said they were forced to ask the hospital to discharge her as the bills were accumulating daily.

“We appeal to well-wishers to help her get treatment, we have exhausted our finances and her condition is getting worse,” he said.

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