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KRA: Over 5 million Kenyans file tax returns as deadline lapses


Most employers issued their staff with P9 forms on time to facilitate the filing of returns on the iTax platform. [Courtesy]

More than 5.5 million taxpayers filed their tax returns for the year 2020 at the close of the June 30, 2021 deadline.

This saw Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) record 1.1 million more taxpayers filing their returns compared to 4.4 million last year – a 19 per cent growth.

“The growth shows positive progress in tax compliance, a move that is anticipated to further drive the country towards economic growth,” said KRA Commissioner General Githii Mburu in a statement yesterday.

Mburu said unlike previous years, there were no long queues on the last days of filing.

“This is attributed to the efficiency of the iTax platform, effective taxpayer sensitisation on the filing of returns and efficient taxpayer support services through the KRA Contact Centre and Tax Service Offices as well as the extension of working staff hours,” he said.

He said the authority has enhanced the iTax system to include an auto-populated return for taxpayers with employment income as the only source of income. 

There are about 6.1 million taxpayers on iTax. KRA projects to increase the number of active taxpayers by two million to 8.2 million by end of June 2023.

The penalty for late filing of annual returns for income tax is Sh2,000 or five per cent of tax due whichever is higher. For non-individuals, the fine is Sh20,000 or five per cent of tax due whichever is higher. 



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