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IEBC issues 2022 financing guidelines, says polls to be held on August 9


The IEBC has announced that the 2022 General Election will take place on August 9 as it outlined financing guidelines for stakeholders.

In a statement on Friday, chairman Wafula Chebukati said the campaign financing act 2013 that was suspended for the 2017 elections will be force for the purposes of the 2022 elections.

The act requires all political parties and candidates contesting in the 2022 election to open campaign financing accounts at least two months before the elections.

The politicians should also establish a campaign financing expenditure committee and appoint authorized persons who will manage the campaign funds.

“All political parties and candidates contesting to establish expenditure committee comprising of persons nominated by the governing council of the political party or by the independent candidate as the case may be,” he said.

Chebukati said all political parties and candidates contesting in 2022 should submit names of persons authorised to manage their accounts.

“…being either the candidate , candidates agent or member of the party expenditure committee,” he said.

All shall be required at registration to open campaign financing bank accounts.

“…where contributions by a candidate, political party or contributions received from a lawful source will be received and submit the details of the accounts to the commission,” he said.

“The commission shall monitor and investigate all information relating to party nomination expenses and election campaign expenses of candidates and political parties.”

Chebukati said expenditure reports shall be submitted to the commission within 21 days of the political party nomination and within three months after elections.

“The commission will ensure implementation in the coming elections,” he said.

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