Home News 47-year-old engineer accused of Ksh57 million theft released on Ksh100,000 bond

47-year-old engineer accused of Ksh57 million theft released on Ksh100,000 bond


A 47-year-old  medical engineer who is also a director of Biologic solutions limited has been charged in court for stealing from the company Sh 57Million.

Particulars of the offence are that between January 2012 and September 2018 in Nairobi Emotty Opani Owuour being an employee of the company, the accused allegedly stole the said money property belonging to Biologic solutions limited.

According to court documents the accused and the complainant Emanuel Wekesa registered a company in 2007 by the name Biologic solutions limited, the two who are engineers were to hold 500 shares each.

The complainant specialised in laboratory and medical equipment while the accused specialised in Ultra sound repair and sales of medical devices.

The complainant travelled outside the country for trainings and calibration and he used to leave signed cheques to enable the accused operate and run different services in the company.

In 2018 he received a bank statement from the bank and noticed that the accused was doing unauthorised transactions and withdrawals.

He contacted an auditor and found out that there was a withdrawal of Sh7million from the company and when Wekesa confronted the accused, he said that he bought land.

A complete audit was done and discovered that a total of Sh57M had been withdrawn from the account.

The accused appeared before Nairobi principal magistrate Kennedy Cheruiyot and pleaded not guilty to one count of theft.

Through his lawyer the accused pleaded for leniency saying that he is sole bread winner of his family and that he is not at flight risk, he added that he will attend court when needed and adhere to court rules and regulations.

“I have considered the application before me for bail and find that the accused is not at flight risk since he has been out on a cash bail of Sh50,000 and he has attended court “said Cheruiyot.

He was released on cash bail of Sh100,000,mention within 14days.

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