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Former CJ Maraga: President Uhuru refused to meet me


Former Chief Justice David Maraga has laid bare his thoughts and called out President Uhuru over his refusal to appoint the six judges he rejected.

Maraga asked the president to appoint the remaining six judges, and forward the matter of their suitability to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) for determination.

In an exclusive interview with KTN News, he lamented that the reasons as to why they were rejected held no water. 

“The president cannot come and say he has intelligence reports that these people have integrity issues and expect that we take his word for it.”

He has also questioned Uhuru’s intentions, considering he had raised the same issue during his tenure as Chief Justice, and still not given an amiable response. He told KTN News’s Sophia Wanuna that that information on the judges’ integrity came before he left office but that the JSC was not given the particulars as to why.

“I raised that issue when I was CJ. I wrote to the president seeking answers and was told, in the nature we conduct our business, we can’t give you those details,” he said.

Maraga, on Wednesday, termed the judges’ rejection as public lynching, adding that they were condemned unheard, and this will only ruin their lives and reputation.

“In the eyes of the public, these are corrupt judges because that is the analogy the president has put out there,” the former CJ said.

The former CJ further held that the president is in violation of the Constitution, and has no mandate to hire or reject as he so wishes. He quoted Article 166 (b) of the Kenyan Constitution, which states the president shall appoint the judges in accordance with the recommendation of the JSC.


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