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Serve with integrity and commitment, Uhuru tells 34 judges


President Uhuru Kenyatta has asked the 34 judges who have been sworn in to serve Kenyans with unfailing integrity and commitment.

The appointed judges took their oath of office on Friday evening at State House, Nairobi, in an event presided by the president and attended by Chief Justice Martha Koome.

The president gazetted the names of the 34 judges on Thursday and omitted six candidates from the list submitted to him by the Judicial Service Commission.

In his remarks after the event, Uhuru asked the judges to act without bias.

“That your actions and decisions be guided slowly on the unbiased and faithful application of the Constitution and our written laws, our principles and values as a nation, and the overriding interest of justice,” Uhuru said.

He reminded them that serving in a state office is a deeply demanding task and that many new burdens will be placed on their shoulders.

“The public expectations on you will be very high and obstacles will be thrown along your path…having taken your oath of office, know that you now hold a special place in our constitutional order.”

He continued:

“Serve with dedication, and with utmost fidelity to the oath that you have subscribed to. You are the bastions of justice, defenders of liberty instruments of law-and-order guardians of the rule of law and the embodiment of the hopes and dreams of our people.”

Uhuru added that as long as he is serving as the present, he will choose the right over the convenient, the hard over the easy, the options which he said that he chose for the sake of Kenyans and for posterity.

“We have our collective duty to serve the people of Kenya, all 50 million of them, both here at home and abroad.

We are one government, bound together by our common duty to deliver hopes and dream of Kenya.”

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