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A conversation with 37mph – KBC


South African producer talks about his early life, music, new EP and parents

37mph is a moniker used by producer, singer and songwriter, Mpho Pholo. 37mph started his career working on a 13 track instrumental demo two of which were first featured on a compilation released by African Dope Records “Harambe Dope Sessions” in 2003. Soon after, he produced a radio single for the Zimbabwe-born rapper Mizchif.

He then relocated to Johannesburg to work for Ghetto Ruff as a producer/writer. After completing the term of that publishing contract, 37mph started his own publishing label Reck Shoppe Tunes which is administered by Sony ATV.

He recently released a new EP which is set for release on March 12th. You can pre-order the album now here.

In this interview with Good Morning Kenya, 3ymph talks about his new EP, his early and his parents’ acceptance of his career.

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