Home News I am ready to use the amended Constitution, DP Ruto – Hivipunde

I am ready to use the amended Constitution, DP Ruto – Hivipunde


More than 40 county assemblies have overwhelmingly passed the BBI bill. The next step of the constitutional-making process will see the proposed constitutional amendment bill tabled before the National Assembly and the Senate.

For DP William Ruto, it is a moment of reckoning, to come to harsh political realities and make tough decisions for the sake of his political survival. One of such decisions is to not face a joint Uhuru-Raila force.

Speaking in Nandi County on Friday, the isolated principal assistant to the Head of State said he is ready to use the amended constitution, despite his numerous attempts to convince Kenyans the BBI process is meant to dupe Kenyans. For his competitors the DP is on a road to Damascus moment, finally realising that indeed, nobody can stop Reggae.

”There are others who hope I will lead this or that wing. What will be decided by Kenyans, I am ready to use it. Whether it is the current or a future constitution, I am ready,” Ruto told his fanatics in Nandi.

However, those not subscribing to his style of politics believe the DP has reached the political deep end and he is clutching on straws. President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, they believe, have Ruto where they have always wanted him to be: Cornered and Isolated.

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