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Nimo Mathenge on living abroad – KBC


The filmmaker came back to Kenya after 21 years later

When Nimo Mathenge came back to Kenya in late 2019, she was determined to start an Arts program for the youth. She believed that the Arts were just as important as the rest and didn’t like that it had become an afterthought subject in Kenya’s curriculum. And she did.

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The school, Zan Artts, offers a full arts curriculum consisting of five conservatories which are: Media Arts, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, and Theatre Arts. Its students will be mentored and taught how to become entrepreneurs, creative thinkers and pursue opportunities in fields where they are confident, talented, and skilled. The school’s main aim is to educate and celebrate African arts and emulate our heritage through arts education.

In this Dada interview, she discusses her experiences as a person of colour living and working abroad specifically, America. 



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