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Kenyans Accuse Nairobi West Hospital Of Misdiagnosis


A Kenyan has accused the Nairobi West hospital of a misdiagnosis that made him waste his money, shedding light on the controversial hospital that has been accused of putting money before the interest of Kenyans.

” My dad last week had breathing problems. I spent 70k at Nairobi West hospital for my dad’s bill and haku improve. I took him to Another hospital akaongwezwa 2pints of blood .cost 10k and he is now very Okey.”

Another one posted on social media

“I went to Nairobi west hospital 4 times and was treated by a doctor from India for a knee injury. He didn’t even do an x-ray, just wasted my time. I had to switch hospitals.”

There is often that one case that hits the Kenyan media that reignites public concern about the state of medical care in Kenya. In the recent past, most of these cases have been located at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), such as the case of Alex Madaga[1], the rape allegations at KNH[2] which are about institutional care and most recently the patient who had brain surgery for no apparent reason[3].

These cases have occurred in the largest referral public hospital in Kenya, which often leads to the assumption that medical malpractice is a problem confined to public hospitals and that this is a class question. It is not. To be clear medical malpractice is not unique to Kenya. The scale is accelerated by weaknesses in accountability channels that limit remedial measures taken to address gaps in medical procedures and implementing personnel. Of course, medical malpractice cannot be understood outside the larger training and labour issues associated with the health sector in Kenya.

In Kenya, we hear of major malpractice such as the brain surgery conducted on the wrong patient last year, or the wrong leg amputated, among others. But we do not hear much about glaring medical misdiagnosis.

Legal scholar Kifaya Ibrahim finds the Kenyan legal system not yet optimal for medical malpractice claims. Between May 2018 and February 2019, four leading Kenyan hospitals were directed to pay Sh106 million to settle medical negligence claims.

While the sum seems high, most courts awarded small awards of under Sh3 million for major pain and damage.

There have also been instances where social media users complained about the Nairobi West Hospital intentionally keeping patients in the ICU to make more money.